Learning made fun

Discover what lies beyond your textbook through interactive games, videos, visually appealing lessons and more! Our lesson materials are designed to keep you excited, engaged and develop your understanding of it. 

Broaden your perspectives

Look at the world from a different eye. Engage in intellectual discussions and become inspired by the works of entrepreneurs, leaders and inventors. Through our lesson materials, you will realise that you can play your part to make an impact in the world and become someone special.

Teachers As Mentors

At Ethos, we acknowledge your potential and do our best to improve your shortcomings by cultivating a passion for the subject and encouraging you on every step of the way!

Be brave to voice out

Don’t be afraid! We are always open for discussion between teachers, students or among your fellow peers. You can cultivate the ability to speak up, ask questions, share your thoughts and build your confidence.

Take charge of your own success

Our priority is ensuring your goals are achieved through your hard work. In your learning log, Ethos keeps track of your progress in a timely manner, allowing you to reflect and inculcate proper habits to help you improve.


Come join us as we will assist you in taking concrete steps to achieve your goals.

Getting you into the right placement

We measure the students’ strengths and weaknesses through an assessment before they are assigned to the right class for improvement.

Customised learning plan

Want to learn on a specific topic? By registering for our one-to-one classes, our customized learning plans are catered for the convenience and needs of our students.

Catered to your needs

Once a student’s age and ability is evaluated, our team may assign them to a private (1-to-1) session and hone their foundations first, until they are able to cope in a group class.