Lab Apparatus

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn
– Benjamin Franklin.

We believe in aspiring students to understand the world that revolves around them everyday and place emphasis on hands-on science experiments. Ethos is equipped with scientific apparatus, equipment and activities where they can apply their theories into actions and help them retain the information with an enhanced learning experience.


Teaching Aids

Some students learn better with visuals while others need physical materials to comprehend the concepts better. For a subject like Mathematics which contains abstract and complicated concepts to grasp, 3D geometric models and metre rulers are utilised to help improve space imagination and strengthen their understanding. 

At Ethos, we commit to providing the best teaching aids for students to stimulate engagement in the classroom and enhance their learning memory.

Virtual Aids

As students are not able to physically touch and experiment during online lessons, our digital platforms are equipped with over 500 videos, packed with motion graphics, images and virtual experiments to help enhance the learning experience. All online lessons are not pre-recorded thus students can interact with teachers through our virtual aids because our classes stay the same even online.

Learning materials & worksheets

At Ethos,
we hold an archive of materials and worksheets that help prepare students for exam drills and encourage them to think outside of the box. Our materials are developed from 16 years of experience which are aligned with the latest syllabus. They range from topical focus worksheets to exam-oriented resources. Lesson plans are flexible and designed to match the academic progress of different schools according to proficiency and difficulty levels.