Flexible schedule

We offer broad choices of time slots that suit both students’ and teachers’ time. It is convenient and flexible.

Small group / Private class

Our classes are private and small-sized classes to make certain that all students get individual attention. We recognise the need of providing full attention to every student is one of the essential keys in their learning.

Personalized teaching

No two leaves are the same, every student is unique. Every child learns at a different pace. Here at Ethos, our customised lesson plans tailor to the specific needs of the students and ensure effective learning. Upon identifying the student’s learning style from the first few sessions, thenceforth, customised teaching is delivered in a systematic […]

Active teaching and learning

A lively and fun approach to learning involves more imagination and exploration. We promote active learning through the use of hands-on teaching and we encourage discussion among teachers and students. In other words, we emphasise learning through understanding.

Parents are well informed

Align with our accountability core value, we work as a team with parents and students as we believe everyone contributes to the development. We update parents regularly on their children’s progress and get parents to be involved in their betterment. We make sure parents are well informed about the obstacles or issues if any.