Ethos Vision

Creating a world where attitude enhances academics and character complements content.


Ethos Mission

Nurture learners through a more comprehensive education that emphasizes character as well as intellectual development in academic learning.

Ethos Core Values:

Pursue growth and learning

We focus on the learning process and experience. This value analyses the reality of ‘Process vs Result’. We value the process more than the result. Focus on the process and all else will follow.


We strive to develop and grow towards ideals. Fostering the professional and personal growth of our students by promoting lifelong learning and self-disciplined.


Holding ourselves accountable for students’ progress, we instil a sense of responsibility into them, accepting the responsibility for their own learning and success. We believe that everyone including students, teachers and parents contributes to the development.


Integrity compels us to build truthful relationships and open communication with students, teachers and parents. We are persistently open and genuine. Being present and connecting with transparency are what we constantly practice to establish a long-term relationship.


We are dedicated to improving our students’ performances and committed to adopting innovation in our teaching. Being aware of the importance to focus on students’ needs, we construct new programs/plans (student improvement plan) to meet identified needs accordingly. Change of needs overtime draws us to continuously evaluate and revise our plans, methods and systems.

Why Choose Ethos IGCSE Education Centre?

Small Group / Private Class

Our private and small-sized classes are designed to ensure that every individual gets a fair share of attention and care into their learning.

Personalised teaching

No two leaves are the same. Upon identifying the student’s learning style from the first few sessions, we tailor our teachings to their specific learning needs because every child learns at a different pace.

Active teaching and learning

We stimulate discussion among teachers and students as we emphasise learning through practical applications and not just memorisation. 

Parents are well-informed

Students and parents all play an important role in contributing to the learning journey. We update parents regularly on their children’s progress and get them involved in their betterment.

Regular Progress Updates

All teachers practice close monitoring, updating and evaluating our students’ performance in timely manner to ensure they are on the right track.

Flexible schedule

Convenience first. Our private classes are personally suited according to your schedule.